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Connect with CEIS

Welcome to our ‘Connect with CEIS’ page! Here, we invite you to join us, in ways that best suit you.

For Students

Want to embark on an enriching journey that helps you explore life’s big questions, and helps you to learn more about the love that Jesus has for the world? Learn, have fun and make new friends along the way!

For Parents

Want to connect your child to Christian education at their Government School? By connecting your child with CEIS, you’re choosing to help them to learn about the love of Jesus and to shape them with Christian values, equipping them to navigate life with love, empathy, and kindness.

For Schools

Schools are the starting point of a thousand journeys. By inviting CEIS into your programs, you’re opening doors to a holistic education that unites academic learning with ethical lessons rooted in Christianity.

For Churches

Did you know that your Church can partner with CEIS and help nurture the seeds of Christian faith in the hearts of the younger generation?

Volunteer with CEIS

You can help transform lives today. By donating to CEIS, you will invest in a future where Christian teachings continue to inspire and guide our younger generations. Each contribution supports the integration of Jesus’ wisdom and love into our educational fabric, cultivating a more compassionate and understanding society. You’re not just giving; you’re paving the way for positive change. Embrace this opportunity to make a lasting impact. Connect with CEIS as a donor today!

Give To Support CEIS

Volunteering with CEIS is an opportunity to enrich your own journey while lighting the path for others. It’s a chance to share the love and wisdom of Jesus with young minds eager to learn and grow.

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