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This page is dedicated to inform all families about CEIS

We hope and pray that you and your family are going well in our beautiful city of Canberra. Currently, CEIS provides Christian Education in over 40 schools across the ACT! If you would like your child to attend, you are welcome to ask at your local public school or place a request here.

Each term, CEIS provides a one hour session to small groups of students, with content and activities based on the themes outlined below.  Occasionally, a Family Connections page is also available, for those families wanting to do some more exploring of the themes together.

Our Statistics

YEARS Sharing Jesus In Schools Across The ACT
0 +
Government Schools WITH CEIS In The ACT
0 +
STUDENTS Taught About Jesus Every Term
50 +
VOLUNTEERS Helping Run Sessions In Schools
0 +

CEIS Session themes

CEIS sessions take into account modern pedagogy, learning intelligences and student engagement. Students are encouraged to seek, question and explore Christianity; individual responses are accepted and respected. CEIS aims for education and understanding, with no expectation or pressure applied for any student to make a faith choice.

Family Connections – Extra Activities for Families

Family Connections is an overview of the term session along with extra activities for families to seek, question and explore with their children. Recent Family Connections are available below.
Term 1 – Easter Extravaganza: Family Connections
Term 2 – Beyond You: Family Connections
Term 3 – Bible Bonanza: Family Connections
Term 4 – Christmas Celebrations: Family Connections

If you would like Family Connections emailed at the end of each school term simply sign up using the link below.

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