All over the world parents naturally desire the best for their children. CEIS desires that too. The CEIS ‘seek, question, explore’ platform is inclusive of all students and respects each child.

Knowing what’s best for your child

CEIS provides a refreshing and easy opportunity for any child to wonder, explore and learn about Christian faith, celebrations and values.  The one-hour session each term is interactive, open-ended and fun! Read more about our session themes here.

CEIS is a safe option within a holistic education process towards lifelong learning.  It’s a way of knowing, with no extra demands or faith expectations. Requesting Christian Education is a legislated allowance in the ACT.

As a trusted and respected service provider across the ACT, parents can feel confident in requesting that their children participate in CEIS, in their own school , with other kids they know.  Requests can be made using the section below.

Say ‘YES’ – place a parent request for CEIS

Yes, I request that my child/ren receive Christian Education whilst they attend the public school listed below, as offered by the ‘Christian Education In Schools’ project.

If you are giving permission for more than 4 children, please fill in multiple forms and they will be aggregated.

I understand that this request will remain in place until my child leaves the school, unless I withdraw it at any stage.
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