Frequently Asked Questions

How can I volunteer for CEIS?

All volunteers for CEIS must be active members of a Christian denomination and over the age of 18. Volunteers under the age of 18 will be placed in an assisting role. There are several requirements for volunteers. Click here to see requirements.

Do I need to have a police check to become a volunteer?

Official police checks are not required because a school staff member is required to be present, although all volunteers are required to undertake a screening process.  During 2013 the new Working with Vulnerable People policy (link) will be implemented for CEIS volunteers.

What training and support is available for CEIS volunteers?

CEIS volunteers are encouraged to complete:

  • term and team training sessions
  • observation and/or assistance of CE in one school

Once this has occurred and the CEIS Coordinator is satisfied, a volunteer can become part of a CEIS team, under the guidance of a CEIS Network Leader.

How much time is needed to volunteer? How many volunteers are involved?

Each term session requires two hours of training, team-planning time, and some setting-up time in the school. The school session (with approximately 25 students) takes about one hour and two to three volunteers to present it. Some schools have several groups of students, requiring volunteers to be there for one-hour periods throughout the day. The amount of volunteer time will depend on how many schools you choose to assist at, how many students are attending in each school, and how many volunteers are available over the day.

How many churches are involved in the CEIS in the ACT?

This varies from school to school, depending on the availability of the churches. Current volunteers come from many denominations across the ACT, all of whom are prepared to work together in this ministry (see About Us/A United Front for a list of denominations involved).

If you would like to speak personally about the volunteer role complete the Volunteer Enquiry Form and you will be contacted.