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Are you keen for your children to explore the Christian faith; to put meaning to traditions such as Christmas and Easter; to build their moral compass; to be able to safely ask questions about faith in general? Do you have a passion for them to build on an existing faith or simply better understand Christianity?

This site is for you if you are:

a parent seeking to learn more about ‘Christian Education In Schools’ and its availability for your child in an ACT government primary school (you may be ready to say ‘Yes’ for your child) OR

a school seeking more details about ‘Christian Education In Schools’ following a parent request OR

a church seeking to support children wanting to better understand God and Christianity OR

a volunteer wanting to assist students as they question and explore Christian faith and values.

Christian Education In Schools (CEIS) co-ordinates the provision of Christian Education in ACT government schools. We encourage the presentation of Christian faith and values in a fun, engaging manner as part of the school curriculum[i].

Christian Education In Schools is a project of the ACT Churches Council, an ecumenical liaison committee represented by all the major denominations and churches of Canberra. The part-time team develop curriculum and resources, train volunteers, and liaise between schools, parents and churches.


[i] The The ACT Government Education Act 2004 allows Religious Education as part of the curriculum utilising an ‘opt-in’ permission system.