Working With Vulnerable People Registration

The Working with Vulnerable People Act 2011 commenced on 8 November 2012. All workers and volunteers providing regulated activities and services to vulnerable people (children and vulnerable adults) must be registered. Volunteers for CEIS are now able to submit their applications *.

These notes should assist.

Upon approval you will be issued with a registration card including a unique identity number which is valid for 3 years. CEIS will be advised of your registration, excluding any personal details

* CEIS has been designated as a Religious Organisation under the WWVP Act, meaning officially our registrations fall into Year 2, 2014. However, schools must comply in 2013 and CEIS has chosen (and is allowed) to commence registration along with the school employees, as it is a current topic in schools this year and shows our support for providing screened volunteers as part of our service.