Notes for completing the Working with Vulnerable People Registration

The following points should assist you when filling in the registration form:

  • Registration for volunteers is FREE (if you are paid in another role providing a service or activity to vulnerable people, then you will need to pay the $71 registration fee and include your other work details as well as the CEIS details)
  • It is a general registration as a volunteer
  • You will need 3 forms of current identification (see lists provided)
  • You can lodge 2 ways: 1. by post (identification items must be copied and certified) or 2. in person (take identification items with you). Note you cannot lodge online.

Interstate equivalent is unlikely for most, so ignore (more information).

Use this WWVP Application Form.

On page 3:

Fill in your personal information as relevant.

On page 4:

Regulated activity employer/organisation: Christian Education in Schools

82 Limestone Avenue
ACT 2602
Contact person: Karen Baron
Ph: (w) 6230 5155

Applicant’s position/role: Religious Education volunteer

What regulated activity do you intend to engage in?
For CEIS tick  –  Religious Organisations. You could also tick – Child Education Services if desired and then tick any other relevant boxes IF you are involved in other organisations.
(NB: You are not an ACT Government employee for the CEIS role. However some of you might be an employee in another role.)

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Baron. Please help us to raise up more volunteers for all the new schools starting Christian Education this year.

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