Why Christian Education?

Asking questions

…is a natural part of childhood and your child has probably been asking questions since they were able to speak, about every subject imaginable…..

As a parent, we know you are committed to providing the best foundation for your child’s life, giving them access to a broad range of academic, social, creative and physical education experiences.

Another important aspect of human development is spirituality. If your child attends a government primary school in the ACT you have an important opportunity to consider, in allowing your child to explore Christianity and better understand this view held by billions throughout the world.

Legislated in the ACT

The Education Act 2004 provides for Religious Education to be offered as part of the school curriculum in government schools. Unlike other states, the ACT Legislation requires that parents request (opt in) for their children to receive this education. To view this section of the Act see the Legislation section in ‘For Schools’.

Why make this choice?

Research conducted in 2007 found that “More than 80% of young people said that, at least sometimes, they found it hard to know what to believe about life. A great many were simply uncertain what life was about.Christian Research Assn. 2007.

As children construct their own spiritual framework and develop their own moral compass, they build resilience, equipping them for their future life. The Christian Education platform aims to support students as they experience and prepare for life, complete with all its hopes and fears.

Seek. Question. Explore.

Childhood is the perfect time for your child to ask questions and to explore a wide range of aspects about life and faith. Christian Education provides the platform to do just that in a fun, engaging and open learning environment.

This site will answer your questions about the educational sessions provided, who delivers the lessons, how you can make this choice and how you can respond to your child’s questions at home.