As Christians, we have a fundamental belief in the values taught by Jesus Christ: faith in the God we can know through the Bible and the Holy Spirit, love for one another, and hope for a world transformed by that love, leading to a perfect eternity. We are also familiar with the words spoken by Jesus, encouraging adults to let children know and learn about him.

Whilst Christianity remains one of Australia’s major religions, statistics reveal its gradual decline, along with regular church attendance. With moral and spiritual development recognised as part of a holistic curriculum, CEIS affirms the place for Christian Education in schools as an opportunity to address the spiritual needs of Canberra’s school children and to assist them to explore the impact of Christianity in society and in individual lives.

Overall, CEIS:

  • is possible because current legislation provides for the teaching of religious education in ACT government schools and some parents do request Christian education for their children
  • is a coordinated project that works in partnership with the Education and Training Directorate , so that professional and relevant programs are established in line with current pedagogy and best practice
  • provides an opportunity for children to seek, question and explore the influence of Christian beliefs, values and ethics in Australian society, adding to the personal, social, historical and geographical components of the school curriculum
  • provides children with an explanation of our major Christian festivals
  • is a way of introducing students to the stories and messages of the Bible
  • acknowledges a place for religion and beliefs in our multi-cultural society, and encourages tolerance and respect of these
  • promotes respect for all people and commends a harmonious way of living
  • is the only opportunity some children will have to hear about God, Jesus and the value of their lives

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