Training and resources

Here is the current Volunteer Table Please note that some updates may occur.

CEIS recognises the value of equipping all volunteers with ongoing training and relevant resources .

All CEIS sessions are supported with prepared resources and training sessions each term. Anyone interested in observing, assisting or leading in a school is encouraged to attend one of the the training sessions offered each term (choose the most convenient for you) as per below.

2017 term training sessions

Thursday of Week 5 at at Good Shepherd Church CURTIN
12.30-1.00pm for NEW volunteers then 1.00-2.30pm for ALL volunteers
T4: Nov 9

Thursday of Week 5 at Ainslie Church of Christ AINSLIE
5.00-5.30pm for NEW volunteers then 5.30-7.00pm for ALL volunteers
T4: Nov 9

Friday of Week 5 at Hughes Baptist Church HUGHES
10:00-10.30am for NEW volunteers then 10.30-12:00pm for ALL volunteers
T4: Nov 10

CEIS complies with the new Working with Vulnerable People Act, implemented in the ACT on 8 November 2012. Accordingly, all CEIS volunteers must obtain a WWVP card. Please visit WWVP application for more information and application documents.
NB: In 2018 many WWVP registrations will be due for renewal.

Volunteers are also strongly advised to complete the safe church/child safe training endorsed by any one of the recognised training partners listed by the National Council of Churches. In the near future this training will be mandatory across all denominations and therefore with CEIS.

If you have volunteered for a recent session with CEIS we would appreciate any feedback on the resources and your experience at the school. Please take a moment to complete the Volunteer Feedback Form  and email it to Jo Hazell: