How do I become a volunteer?

All CEIS volunteers must be active members of a Christian denomination and over the age of 18. Volunteers under the age of 18 will be placed in an assisting role.

Volunteers are required to:
  1. Sign agreement to the faith statement in the Apostles Creed
  2. Meet with the CEIS Coordinator or Network Leader
  3. Complete the required volunteer documents: a Minister’s Endorsement Form, an ACT Working with Young People Volunteer Nomination Form and agree to the CEIS Code of Conduct and complete the Working with Vulnerable People Registration.
  4. Complete the following (as possible):
    • term and team training sessions
    • observation and/or assistance of CE in one school
  5. Become part of a CEIS team, under the guidance of a CE Network Leader*

The CEIS coordinator can give you more information through completion of a Volunteer Enquiry Form.

If you are a Christian wanting to volunteer, but are not a current member or active participant in a local church, please contact the CEIS Coordinator to discuss alternative pathways and options in the volunteer process.

It is expected that all CEIS volunteers will:
  • regularly attend training
  • work harmoniously with Christians of other denominations/churches/backgrounds, under the guidance of a CE Network Leader, to prepare and present CE to children during class time, using a program approved by CEIS and the school
  • respect CEIS as an opportunity to present Christianity to the next generation, in a process that encourages students to seek, question and explore (not as a means for evangelism or proselytising**)
  • respect the background, culture, dignity, individuality and personal opinion of each student
  • pray for the students and their school
  • conduct themselves in a professional and ethically acceptable manner, including compliance with laws, regulations and procedures relevant to CEIS
  • provide periodic feedback of school programs and student explorations to the CEIS project team***

*The role of the CE Network Leader is to coordinate the Christian Education teams within one of the designated ETD networks. The CE Network Leader reports to and liaises with the CEIS Coordinator.

**Proselytising means converting or attempting to convert someone from one religion, belief, or opinion to another. Christian Education seeks to present Christian faith and values, not to convert others to believe in that religion.

*** The CEIS project team is the group of volunteers assigned to the delivery of Christian Education in one or more schools.