How to Host an Event

Thank you for considering to host a fundraising event to support the work of CEIS. These tips may assist your planning.

$30/30 Challenge

Churches are encouraged to hold a $30-30 challenge with members each year (this could happen at any time of the year). Contact CEIS to organise a brief presentation to coincide at your church, so that members can know the valuable impact that all donations have.


Give thanks that students are able to seek, question and explore God, Jesus and the Bible through CEIS. Pray that CEIS is able to continue the service provided to students at school, with a positive impact for all involved. Pray for God’s wisdom and direction for your fundraising event, to His glory.


  • Choose the type of event, who to invite, the location and best time for maximum participation
  • Make an event checklist – the CEIS fundraising PLANNER  might be useful
  • Register your event below (optional – for CEIS)


Money – goal | budget | online

  • Some people choose to set a fundraising goal to help motivate donors.
  • Do consider the cost for yourself. CEIS appreciates any funds raised but does not expect hosts to over-commit on event costs.
  • Online fundraising is a great option for those unable to attend – click here.

(NB: CEIS is unable to provide insurance coverage, promotional costs or any other event related costs. All events are ran as private, individual events. CEIS is able to provide advice and marketing brochures or a CEIS team member may be available to speak at your event.)

Raising awareness of CEIS

Choose a moment at your event to share how donations made support CEIS. Possibly:

  • invite a CEIS representative to give a brief talk
  • use the CEIS video below
  • invite guests to follow CEIS on Facebook

Christian Education in Schools from CEIS on Vimeo.

Donation details

Invite your guests to make a donation via:

  1. A donation box: with paper nearby to record receipt details if desired
  2. Credit card: complete the relevant section on the CEIS donation slip and place in the donation box
  3. Direct debit: use the information on the CEIS brochure to set this up from home
  4. Online: via the CEIS website


As a host please deposit cash funds to:

  • Account Name: CRE Deductible Gift Fund
  • BSB: 702-389   Account Number: 05209480

Please send the following information to the CEIS Office (82 Limestone Ave  AINSLIE  ACT 2602):

  1. any completed credit card forms (do not scan or email these)
  2. the list of donors requiring a receipt (full name, address/email, amount donated)
  3. a copy of the deposit receipt for any funds banked

Remember to thank your guests and please do pass on a thank you from CEIS too!
As a follow-up you may like to:

  • suggest they subscribe to the CEIS supporter e-news
  • share an overview on Facebook

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