“The Christian Education program is a valued addition to the curriculum at Giralang Primary School. The program has provided our school with an effective way to meet parent requests for Christian Education while providing our students with quality learning experiences in this area. The program is very manageable for the school while the committed volunteers are highly organised and interact positively with students of all ages.”

Andrew Macleod, Deputy Principal, Giralang Primary School

“We believe that it is the right of every young person to have the opportunity to hear about the Christian gospel so that they can make up their own minds.”

Philip Cairns (Lieutenant Colonel), Divisional Commander, ACT and South NSW Division, Salvation Army

“It’s important that children know that Christmas and Easter are not just about presents and chocolate. Both of these events have significant meaning throughout history and provide a good basis for discussing wrong and right.”

Geoff, parent, Gordon Primary School

 “The values that underpin Australian society are based on the values of the Christian faith. For children to make good decisions they need to understand basic values, which is what Christian Education is all about.”

Rev Lyn Thow, Area Minister, ACT Baptist Churches

“We like going to CE because we get to do craft and learn about God. We also really enjoy doing the ‘mini plays’ acting out stories from the Bible. We like the fun games we play and the special things we do at Christmas and Easter.”

Students, Giralang Primary School

 “The programs provide opportunity to explore Australia’s Christian heritage, Christian belief, values and faith while gaining some familiarity with the Bible.”

Rev Joy Bartholomew, On behalf of the Presbyterian Church of the ACT

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