Schools Ministry Sunday Deposit Form

Thank you for taking a retiring offering for the work of Christian Education in Schools (CEIS) as part of Schools Ministry Sunday. With many schools to maintain, more schools to reach and thousands of students participating, every dollar donated is valuable in providing resources, trained volunteers, marketing and informative materials, and a consistent, professional service across the ACT.

Individual donations are tax deductible (CRE Deductible Gift Fund ABN 61 264 840 124). When received, a tax deductible receipt will be forwarded to the donor.

If you require receipts for all your donations, please forward all forms (either using the slip as part of the CEIS brochure or by completing this CEIS Giving Form) to our office.

CEIS office
82 Limestone Avenue
Ainslie ACT 2602

Monies can be deposited to our bank account (see details below). Alternately a cheque can be sent to the CEIS office (please make the cheque in favour of the CRE Deductible Gift Fund).

The CEIS bank account details are:

Name of Account: CRE Deductible Gift Fund
BSB: 702-389
Account Number: 05209480

Please use the CHURCH’S NAME and POSTCODE as the details on the deposit and then complete this form to provide us with your details. We will acknowledge all monies received.

Depositor's Details:

Title*: First Name*:


Role eg Treasurer:

Contact Number*:

Email address*:

Name of Church*:


Church postal address*:

A. Total amount of deposit*:

B. Total amount of deposit that requires tax-deductible receipts*:
(Please forward donation forms to equal the total of monies noted in B above)

* required fields
Any other comments:

Thank you so much for generously encouraging and supporting the work of Christian Education in Schools.

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