Christianity in Australia

Christianity remains a prominent religion in Australian history and society, with latest census figures indicating at least 50% of Australians remain affiliated with Christianity.  However, many Australians no longer have a direct connection with a local Christian church, whilst others have no strong religious conviction at all. The opportunity to request Christian Education for their children is therefore a desirable component of the school curriculum for some parents, who, despite their own personal religious or non-religious alignment, want their children to gain a basic understanding of Christianity, as one of Australia’s major religions and/or for their own personal development.

Serving your school community

The ACT Churches’ Council considers it vital to coordinate through a central project that works in partnership with the ACT Education and Training Directorate, so that professional and relevant programs are established in line with current pedagogy and best practice. CEIS offers intentional sessions about Christianity in order to fulfil the requests by parents for their children to receive it at school.

Holistic Curriculum

The new Australian Curriculum, based on the Melbourne Declaration on the Educational Goals for Young Australians, and now rolling out into schools across the nation, recognises moral and spiritual development as integral to holistic education.

The Melbourne Declaration notes that education equips young people with knowledge, understanding, skills and values, and that schools play a vital role in promoting the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development and well being of young Australians. As schools continue to deliver an increasingly complex mix of student support services there is an enhanced need and opportunity for the integration of moral, ethical and spiritual principles and values to support the balanced development of children.