Who will teach the students?

Our volunteer teachers and assistants come from many Canberra churches and represent many Christian denominations. In most cases they have teaching or children’s ministry experience.

CEIS respects quality education and a professional approach to all school interactions. That’s why our service includes:

  • endorsed and screened volunteers, including signed codes of conduct
  • term training for volunteer teams, focused on best practice
  • customised programs and resources for ACT students
  • resources and materials readily available for parents and school staff to view
  • respect for the background, culture, dignity, individuality and personal opinion of each student
  • church presentations that encourage positive and supportive relationships between schools and local churches
  • a united approach across the ACT

In your school you will see:

  • caring, compassionate adults who are interested in the students and who respect the variation of family structure, background, culture and traditions amongst them
  • effective, consistent and appropriate student behaviour-management strategies in accordance with your school policy
  • appropriate boundaries set for student-teacher relationships including interactions, communication, social networking and celebrations
  • professional and organised lessons that remain focused on the key points and are reviewed with the students
  • creative, relevant and appropriate delivery of lessons, activities and approved resources according to the age, development and culture of the students being taught
  • the use of contemporary, inclusive and relevant language
  • constant volunteer interaction with the students throughout the lesson