Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which government primary schools have CEIS?

Schools with existing programs are listed in the Parent section.

Who do we contact if our school receives a request for CE? How many requests do we need?

If your school receives a request for CEIS please contact the CEIS Coordinator. Once a request is received the CEIS Coordinator will liaise with the principal to confirm student numbers.

What do we do if a religion other than Christian is requested?

The school should then encourage the parent to contact their religion’s governing body. CEIS is the provider of Christian education only.

Will our school know what is going to be taught in the CEIS sessions?

Each school is provided with an overview of the current program which is available for staff and parents to view. The sessions for the new model are:
• Term 1: Easter Extravaganza
• Term 2: Beyond You
• Term 3: Bible Bonanza
• Term 4: Christmas celebrations

Will the CEIS sessions take into account student ages and abilities?

Yes. The resources and activities included in the four sessions are based on modern teaching practices with consideration given to variations in learning styles and abilities, learning intelligences, discovery learning, investigation stations and student ages.

How often will the sessions take place and how many students can attend at one time?

The model presents four sessions each year, one for each term. These usually occur within the last few weeks of each term, during teaching time, and take about one hour for each group of students. The sessions are designed for 15 to 20 students at a time to allow for maximum student interaction and relationships to be established. The number of students attending will determine how long the CEIS team is at your school.

What records does our school need to keep for CEIS?

Your school needs to maintain a list of all students permitted to attend the CEIS sessions. It is also helpful if your school can assist the CEIS team by organising the permitted students into groups and allocating the times that are most suitable for them to attend the session. This is best done in year levels if possible. NB: Parents need only give permission once and this remains in place unless the parent requests otherwise.

Is the Education and Training Directorate supportive of CEIS?

Yes. The CEIS Coordinator has regular liaison with the ETD, providing annual updates and other information as required. The ETD has expressed its support for the term sessions and the professional service provided, including the distribution of information to parents.

Are there other providers of CEIS in the ACT?

There is no other organisation currently providing Christian Education within the school framework. However, it is possible for a local church to provide Christian Education in a school without affiliating directly with the CEIS project.