An effective partnership

CEIS recognises that effective Christian Education requires a positive partnership between schools, churches, parents and students.

In partnership, CEIS supports schools with the services of:

  • a CEIS Coordinator, who will personally meet with you to discuss your parent requests, CE program details, volunteer requirements (or could say expectations) and appropriate promotional materials (newsletter, website, etc)
  • a CEIS website, with detailed information for parents
  • CEIS parent postcards endorsed by the ETD and ready for distribution to school families
  • CEIS DVD for school information nights or other relevant meetings
  • a CEIS Project Officer who liaises with local ACT churches to ensure positive support for the school-church community connections established through CE
  • a coordinated process that encourages and supports the spiritual journey for today’s students

In partnership, CEIS asks schools to support our Christian Education service through:

  • placing CEIS information into school newsletters as required (usually provided each term, but may vary)
  • placing CEIS details on your school website, with a link to the CEIS website
  • promotion at other relevant times, such as school information nights and in schools information packs

Please use our CEIS logo where ever possible.