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Requesting permission for your child to attend Christian Education in an ACT government school is a simple process. The ACT requires parents to make requests with the Principal. Your email will be forwarded to the Principal but please consider speaking to them in person. For your permission to be sent to your child/children’s school*, please complete your details below.

Yes, I request that my child/ren listed below receive Christian Education whilst they attend * Primary School, as offered by the Christian Education in Schools project.

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Child: Class:

Child: Class:

If you are giving permission for more than 4 children, please fill in multiple forms and they will be aggregated.

I understand that this request will remain in place until my child leaves the school, unless I withdraw it at any stage.


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*Note, at this stage CEIS only services CE sessions in Primary Schools. Secondary school requests may be made through CEIS but session delivery will rely on the involvement of a local church.