Who teaches Christian Education In Schools?

CEIS volunteers come from many Canberra churches and represent a wide range of Christian denominations. In most cases CEIS volunteers are trained teachers or experienced children’s ministry workers.

The Christian Education In Schools project takes child protection very seriously.

All personnel who interact with children in schools, while associated in any way with CEIS, are personally endorsed by the minister of their church and have met legislated child protection standards (WWVP). Our term training program ensures the delivery of quality education, with no allowance for proselytising*. (See the Volunteer section for more details).

The Education and Training Directorate has ratified the new curriculum, that has been developed by experienced, qualified classroom teachers.

CEIS sessions take place in areas within observation of a classroom teacher.

*Proselytising means converting or attempting to convert someone from one religion, belief, or opinion to another. Christian Education seeks to present Christian faith and values to students, not to convert them to belief in that religion.