What Christian Education is on offer?

CEIS offers four one-hour sessions per year:

TERM 1  Easter Extravaganza: exploring who Christians believe Jesus is
and what this world-wide festival means

TERM 2  Beyond You: wondering about ourselves, others and God – loving and accepting all

TERM 3  Bible Bonanza: discovering the one big story of the world’s biggest selling book

TERM 4  Christmas Celebrations: responding to the traditional (Christian) events of
Christmas with more understandin

CEIS Christian Education sessions are presented in fun, interactive and engaging ways. Activities could include games, songs, stories, quizzes and manipulative resources. Consideration is given to preferred learning styles of students, particularly in small groups.

CEIS connects the four term sessions held each year in ways that provide stepping-stones for student understanding and consistent presentation of Christian faith and values.

CEIS provides sessions in numerous schools across the ACT. In addition, some local churches have liaised independently with some schools, resulting in variations of Christian Education provision in the ACT (see the schools listing).