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BEYOND YOU 2017: Who, me?

This year we ask the question “What’s it all about?” We aim to provide resources and space for children to begin exploring and connect together more of their understanding of key parts of the Christian faith within God’s big story (told in the Bible). As previously, it is hoped that each child will be able to seek, question and explore further from whatever their starting place, previous understanding or learning journey so far.

This term students will be encouraged to explore God’s promises as recorded in the Bible, by wondering about some big questions: Does God really love me? Does God really know me? Can God comfort and help me? Is God always with me? Is God really a forever God? Using various interactive resources students will attempt to discover some answers together and creatively think about what God’s promises mean for Christians and for others.

Please visit our FAMILY CONNECTIONS page for a range of activities you and your child can explore from the Term 2 Beyond You 2017.

REFERENCE: We often use the Jesus Storybook Bible for the stories, which are based this term on: Genesis 1, 6-9, 12-21; Psalms 23, 90, 121, 138, 139; Isaiah 40 and 43; Matthew 10 and 28; Romans 8; Hebrews 13 and Revelation 22.




Comments made be children from BY2016

Here are the most frequently made comments written by students from our Term 2 session 2016.

Questions asked by children from BY2016

Here are the most frequently asked questions, with some added Bible references and thinking points.