Why Christian Education In Schools?

What’s God?’, asked an inquisitive six year old recently.

What will future generations believe? Local schools are on your doorstep and provide a fertile mission field for undertaking God’s commission …. love one another. Losing this focus within community would be detrimental to individual resilience, community values and positive relationships for the future.

The coming generations of school children need to know God cares for them. They need positive role models and strong values. They need to develop skills and strategies to break any negative cycles in their lives. They need to understand the place of faith in life. They need Christian Education. Be challenged by this short 3 minute video clip, Next Generation.

Why local mission?

  1. We have been commanded by Jesus to be witnesses to him, Acts 1:8, ”You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  Notice the instruction of Jerusalem (local) first, then Judea and then Samaria (further afield).
  2. Is it possible to love God and show little interest in ones neighbour?
  3. The latest Census showed the ACT residents as being ‘A Godless lot’.
  4. The message of God’s love needs to be taken to the community, as the community are no longer coming to us. Numbers for church attendance and children in Sunday school are declining.
  5. The ACT Education Act 2004 has given us an opportunity to serve. With so much competition for children’s time and attention, space within the school day is a God-given opportunity.

Christian Education is a valuable addition to a child’s well-rounded education and a good basis for building long-term resilience. The Schools section outlines the rationale for the education we facilitate.

Partner with us

Help us reach all 66 primary schools in the ACT, to give thousands of young people the opportunity to seek, question and explore faith. We have an ongoing need for volunteers to help in the classroom, for administrative support, for financial support and fundamentally for prayer support. Will you partner with us?

Building strong community connections provides invaluable opportunities for outreach and service. The section ‘Building School Relationships’ provides current examples, with links to ACT churches already hosting such initiatives.