For Churches

The church ignores the next generation at its peril. Christian Education in Schools is therefore a vital ministry in developing a Christian awareness among many of the next generation who would otherwise not hear.
Pastor Jamie Pryor
Canberra Christian Leaders Network

Why Christian Education in schools?  With less and less children attending church today it is even more important that we reach them where they are – in schools – with the good news, obedient to Jesus’ commands. Can we leave thousands of ACT children questioning ‘What’s God?’ What will future generations believe?

This section has been created especially for the churches of the ACT to ensure they are fully informed about Christian Education and about how to partner with us. Success will be largely dependent on prayer, on champions supporting us within the church and on building good relationships with schools with your help.

Schools Ministry Sunday (SMS) is a day set aside at the beginning of each school year to honour the combined schools ministries and pray and encourage children throughout the year. We hope you will join in on Sunday 9th February 2014 or another suitable Sunday.

We are always available to present in church or to any church group about the work of Christian Education. For all inquiries, please contact the CEIS Coordinator.