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Why is CEIS in government schools?

CEIS is a program that responds to requests made by parents for their children to receive Christian Education at school, under the provisions of the ACT Education Act 2004 which allows parents to request religious education for their child.

What is taught in CEIS?

Upon request, one session of CEIS each term is provided for schools. This session takes small groups of students through interactive stations for approximately one hour. The topics cover the basic messages and festivals of Christianity. They are:
•    Term 1: Easter extravaganza
•    Term 2: Beyond you
•    Term 3: Bible bonanza
•    Term 4: Christmas celebrations

Each school is provided with an overview of the current program, which is available for parents to view. Summaries of the sessions from each year are also available to view online. Click here to see all of the current school programs.

Some schools in the ACT have long-established programs that vary from this model.

Who decides what is taught in Christian Education?

Materials for one-hour sessions each year are prepared by the CEIS coordinator, who has extensive teaching and children’s ministry experience. Up-to-date publications are referred to and current teaching methods are integrated to create these professional and relevant sections. There is also room for volunteers to use any specific skills that they may have to complement the prepared resources and activities.

What does the CEIS Coordinator do?

When a new request has been placed at the school, the CEIS Coordinator meets with the principal to organise the best time and space for the sessions to occur. The Coordinator also assists the parents to make contact with local churches to source volunteers for the new CEIS program. The Coordinator facilitates the required training, resources and documentation (including screening) for the volunteers and works with the CEIS team to establishment the program.

Are other religions also taught in government schools?

The current Education Act allows for parents to request religious education for their child in any religion. CEIS provides a service for parents requesting Christianity, and therefore no specific teaching about other religions occurs during the Christian Education sessions. However, the place for religion in people’s lives is given great respect and any discussion that might eventuate will be undertaken with a sense of acceptance and equality.