What is Christian Education?

Christian Education is an opportunity for students to seek, question and explore Christian faith and values. Sessions are based on the Christian Bible and help unpack significant Christian festivals and beliefs. CEIS coordinates a once-per-term model across numerous schools in the ACT, with other providers offering alternative models in some schools (see the Schools section for more details).

CEIS has a transparent, open and inclusive approach. It respects and commends harmonious living between all people, irrespective of belief, worship, social position, language, gender, age, education, race, ability or sexual orientation.

Our holistic education process recognises the social, spiritual and religious needs of all students as they develop their world-views.

CEIS is NOT about demanding beliefs, decisions or church attendance. Participation is only by choice – it is non-compulsory.

The Christian Education session details can be made available to schools, with an overview available on our parent page each term.

Having the opportunity to ask questions and explore many facets of life is an important component of a child’s education, necessary for them to form their own beliefs and understanding of the world around them.