A United Front

Christian Education In Schools (CEIS) is a project of the ACT Churches Council. Member churches from the major denominations of the ACT do not represent a homogenous or narrow form of Christianity but rather, have diverse views and different traditions and styles. They do all have one common faith – Christianity.

“The move to provide more possibilities for Christian Education in ACT Schools is to be applauded. It is crucial that young people today have the opportunity to explore and ask questions about God and the spiritual dimension of being human.”

Right Reverend Trevor Edwards
Assistant Bishop & Vicar General
Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn

“The Apostolic Churches of A.C.T. & Southern NSW are in total support of the Inter-Denominational Program of Christian Education available to all Public Schools.

We would encourage all parents to enrol their children in this excellent program so they can gain a balanced understanding of what Christianity is all about, through this fine curriculum.”

Rev. John M. Macknamara
Regional Superintendent – Apostolic Churches

“The value of Christian education in schools allows students to discover the life-giving principles and teachings of Christ and how they can practically apply them in everyday life.”

Sean Stanton
National Secretary, Australia Christian Churches
Senior Pastor: Canberra Christian Life Centre

“The Baptist Churches of the ACT support Christian Education in all schools for those families who choose it. The values that underpin Australian society are based on the values of the Christian faith and for children to make good decisions they need to understand basic values which is what Christian Education is all about. An understanding of the history of the Christian faith comes from basic teaching from the bible about Jesus Christ.”

Rev Lyn Thow
Area Minister, ACT Baptist Churches

“The Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn supports the Christian Education program that runs in government schools. This course provides a great opportunity for young people to learn about and encounter the person of Jesus Christ.”

Monsignor John Woods
Administrator, Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn

“The Churches of Christ in the Canberra region endorse and fully support the Christian Education program in Government schools. The programs provide a unique place for students to both learn about and encounter the person of Jesus Christ and Christian Spirituality. The program also provides the basis for future faith decisions.”

Pastor Ken Perrin
On behalf of the Churches of Christ, Canberra

“I think the ACT Churches Council has done an amazing job with Christian Education in Schools. This opportunity for gospel ministry has been kept open by the grace of God working through some amazing people. It is an area where relevance and quality have to be twice as good as normal to survive and the coordinators of these programs have been up to the challenge.”

Brian Medway
Grace Canberra

“Christian Education In Schools is an opportunity for us to honour our claim of accepting God’s gift to us, His son Jesus Christ. In accepting this gift we accept both the great commandment and the great commission – we agree to love God, love our neighbour and go make disciples! What an honour it is to be the feet that carry God’s message of love to students that may otherwise never hear it or know it. May the churches of Canberra unite to support our next generation and go meet them where they are – in schools.”

Karen Baron
on behalf of the ACT Lutheran Churches

“The church ignores the next generation at its peril. Christian Education in Schools is therefore a vital ministry in developing a Christian awareness among many of the next generation who would otherwise not hear. I commend it.”

Pastor Jamie Pryor
Canberra Christian Leaders Network

“The Presbyterian Church in the ACT fully supports and promotes the Christian Education program available to all students in ACT Government schools. The programs provide opportunity to explore Australia’s Christian heritage, Christian belief, values and faith while gaining some familiarity with the Bible.”

Rev Joy Bartholomew
On behalf of the Presbyterian Church of the ACT

“The Salvation Army strongly supports the Christian Education Program being offered to the schools of Canberra. We believe that it is the right of every young person to have the opportunity to hear about the Christian gospel so that they can make up their own minds. The Christian Education Program provides this opportunity and is therefore fully supported by The Salvation Army.”

Philip Cairns (Lieutenant Colonel)
Divisional Commander
ACT and South NSW Division

“In an era when religion is often accused of being a negative contributor to society we can be confident that those who represent us through the Christian Education in Schools project do so with compassion and grace, clearly presenting the Gospel of Christ as an invitation to participate in God’s love for all creation.”

Kevin Dilks
Presbytery Minister
Canberra Region Presbytery